Save Moore Street Awareness Week 435 – 21 January 2023

Bhí sé beagán fuar inniu on our 435th Saturday on the street as we entered the third week of our campaign group’s ninth calendar year (we started this group in September 2014).
B’iad Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Eileen, Diarmuid agus Steve an foireann inniu.
Clare Conway came to sign the petition with daughter and grandaughter (?) and told us about relatives that she had working on the street. Bernie O’Shea selling fruit and vegetables is her aunt and her grandmother Maggie Lynch ran a fruit and vegetables stall too.
Eileen from our team brought in a hat that belonged to her grand-aunt, Teresa Byrne, a member of Cumann na mBan. She posed for a photo with it but wouldn’t put it on her head for a photo, so Orla, another grand-niece, did instead. Teresa lived on Arbour Hill and later on Griffiths Avenue.
A Bulgarian from Primorsko was upset at the thought of the street market being ruined by the Hammerson construction program. Brona visited there when she was 17 and the man was one.
Two young women living here for a few years, one from Hungary and the other from Slovakia, were also quite upset by the threat to the area and signed the petition. The Slovakian woman in particular said that her father, who lives in East Wall, buys his fruit and vegetables here and that the thought of the destruction of the market raised goosebumps on her arms.
She declined to pose for a photo but Beata Harang, from Hungary, was glad to do so and said she would post the photo on her FB page (this is a good way to reach people we can’t about the campaign).
We talked to quite a few young people and children today, which we enjoy and which is heartening – they are the future and we are campaigning so as to hand this historical site and ancient street market over to them.
Ciaron O’Reilly stopped by, he’s visiting Ireland to commemorate the 3rd February attack on a US warplane in Shannon Airport from which he and another four people (Deirdre Clancy, Karen Fallon, Newin Dunlop and Damien Moran) went on trial three times and were finally found not guilty by a jury on August 2006. The State had to return the hammer and Ciaron wants to exhibit the hammers used at a public event.
We’ve written to a number of Councillors of different parties and none who’ve taken an interest to ask them to find out what exactly it is to which property speculator Hammerson are objecting in their High Court action against Dublin City Council regarding listing six buildings in Moore Street as of historical preservation status. Sadly only one has replied; Donna Cooney replied to say she is making enquiries but we don’t know whether she has found out yet.
The case is expected to be heard in March.
Remember, you can be our media, scaip an scéal.

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