Save Moore Street Awareness Week 391 – 26 March 2022

Bhí sé ag scoilteadh na gcloch, as they say and most of Dublin couldn’t wait to get into their summer clothes (or lack of them) but some caught by surprise struggled on under coats that would have been not too bad even the day before.
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Diarmuid (Daniel had a Covid contact and had to stay away) and Steve were the foireann inniu agus bhí Mary agus Tony ann for part of the time.
We had a busy time with people wanting to sign the petition but even more so with conversations, explaining the issues, the history or just giving people updates on progress (or lack of it). Among those coming to our stall were people with backgrounds as far away as China (two, separately), East Wall, Peru, Mexico, Wexford, Zimbabwe; an Austrian photographer (living here), a German (visiting) and a German …. Shepherd.
The latter was in the company of its owner, a Dub whose people used to own a shop on the west corner of Moore Lane. The pub there used to be an arms dump for the IRA during the War of Independence but was all demolished very recently, despite objections, for construction of the hotel that stands on it now. Old lintels, doorsteps, windows were all eliminated in the course of clearing that ground which could have remained as a boundary wall feature. A soulless hotel is what is there now, next to yet another (and much too high) hotel, Jury’s.
The German visitor wants to help publicise our cause when she returns and agreed to pose for a solidarity portrait. The German Shepherd was non-committal.
An Bord Pleanála has yet to give its verdict on the appeals and submissions against DCC’s granting two demolition Planning Permissions to the Hammerson speculator. DCC is still deliberating on the third Hammerson application.
The O’Rahilly Parade signpost, for which we have been pressing Dublin City Council for four years, promised to us for three, finally only erected a few weeks ago – has been missing for a couple of weeks now. Is the Council going to replace it?
Best way to help? Be our media – spread the words and pictures from time to time.

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