Save Moore Street Awareness Week 362 – 4 September 2021

Bhí sé sách te i Sráid an Mhúraigh inniu – “aimsir T-léine”, arsa Bróna. Our team today was Bróna, Mary, Daniel and Diarmuid and setting up went smoothly – even hanging the banner.

Soon we were calling people to the table, handing out leaflets and regularly having conversations about the issues and the campaign.

Among the people we spoke to were visitors from Belfast, a couple, who were very supportive and interested. They also told us that they don’t value the Titanic exhibition since the ship was a failure and also Catholics were discriminated against in the shipyard where the liner was built.
A number of West Africans living in Ireland also discussed with us and expressed support for the campaign. Most of those countries fought for their independence from England also.
A returned Irishman with his wife from England had a long conversation with us too, also very supportive.
A Mexican woman married to a Polish man with her baby son stopped to talk to us too. She was aware of the history of the St. Patrick’s Brigade, the “San Patricios” who fought for Mexico against the USA in the Second Mexico-US War. Victoria has been shopping in Moore Street for many years. Diarmuid told her about Count Paul (Paweł) Strzelecki, the world-renowned Polish explorer and scientist, who volunteered to work in Ireland to combat raging Famine over a three-year period (1847-49). A plaque to remember him is on the wall of Clery’s in Sackville Place.
Another very interested couple were talking to Mary and she took them on an impromptu min-tour.
As we were packing up to leave, there were visitors from Derry too, father originally from the Irish diaspora to Glasgow and his son. We told him some of the history of the street and he was pleased to be photographed with our banner, Daniel holding the other end. He showed us his Irish Republican tattoos and Mary walked them up to O’Rahilly Parade to show them the monument there (still not signposted by Dublin City Council!).
Later a historical tour of nearly 20 people was led by a tour guide down the street.
One of the street traders told us that they are no longer permitted to enter the stores where the fruit and vegetables arrive. The stock is brought out to them without them being able to sort through and choose, which means they are often without suitable stock for their purposes. For this reason some of them don’t attend Moore Street on all days.
Sadly this probably suits the speculator Hammerson too, presenting a less vibrant street market as part of what their plan stands to destroy.
No update as yet on the Hammerson Planning Application lodged with Dublin City Council.
No update yet on the process of identifying buildings in Moore St of historical importance and deserving of protection (other than Nos.14-17), despite agreement of Councillors that this should be processed. Is the issue being pushed by Councillors?
No update on the Sráid an Mhúraigh Bill initially presented months ago in Leinster House by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD.

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