Save Moore Street Awareness Week 505 – 18 May 2024

Bhí sé scamallach agus b’fhéidir ag bagairt báistigh (threatening rain) ach d’fhan sé tirm (but remained dry).
B’iad Orla, Eileen agus Diarmuid ár bhfoireann (our team) don lá (for the day).
We met Anthony at our stall today, who was brought up in nearby Dominick Street. Anthony is a poet and among other things attends the 1916 Performing Arts Club who have been great supporters of the campaign. We’re hoping he’ll come down someday to recite a few poems, be videoed here, etc.
Speaking of poetry, later that afternoon, passing through Moore Street, we came upon a man performing a rap with backing music to a crowd. For cultural performance, fresh fruit and vegetables or history, Moore Street is where it’s at!
As usual, people across age, gender and background groups came up to signing the hard-copy petition (we also have an on-line one). One of those told us she was from Sri Lanka (used to be called Ceylon) and that the Tamils there had suffered a genocide.
Speaking of which, people passed through Moore Street on their way to the national demonstration in solidarity with Palestine. We in Ireland have suffered ethnic cleansing and genocide too (the latter twice) in our history and Moore Street was laid out before one of them (the Great Hunger).
The smoke from a bbq stand today was much more moderate – perhaps complaints have had an effect.
We have some biographies of Harry Boland (famous relation of Bróna’s who happens to have fought in Moore Street) on sale for only €5. We also have our campaign logo badges, D-pin models for €2 each and others in pin-and-butterfly-clasp type for €4 each (sold two of those today).
AGUS ARÍS … agus arís eile …
We have well over 380,000 signatures on our hard copy petition but they are not verifiable in the way that on-line signatures are. Have you signed our petition online yet? You can get to it through the link or by scanning our QR image. Have you asked others to do so? You can really help by doing this.
Our website is at

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