Save Moore Street Awareness Week 504 – 11 May 2024

B’iad Bróna, Deirdre, Orla agus Diarmuid our team for the day.
An enthusiastic young Polish man, settled for years in Ireland was congratulating us on our continued campaigning, recalling when we called emergency demonstrations on to the street, buildings were occupied and the planned demolition of buildings prevented.
Lots of people across age groups, gender and background were signing the hard-copy petition.
James Shannon, Cúán De Burcanach agus Dante Canale stopped to sign and engaged us in discussion. They began speaking in Irish upon hearing Deirdre and Diarmuid exchange a few words in the language. After chatting for a while they were glad to line up for a solidarity photo which we duly took (see photo album).
The Nigerian food stall offered us some free food again but we declined with thanks – the weather was too hot for that. But we asked for some music instead, which they soon supplied.
From another food stall, the smoke was excessive at times, to the complaints of a number of people. The market management could end up with a compensation claim against them if they don’t ensure control of the smoke.
We still have some biographies of Harry Boland (famous relation of Bróna’s who happens to have fought in Moore Street) on sale for the silly price of €5.
We also have our campaign logo badges, D-pin models for €2 each and others in pin-and-butterfly-clasp type for €4 each.
Bhí an ghrian ag scoilteadh na gcloch (‘the sun was splitting the stones’, i.e it was very hot).
Have you signed our petition online yet? You can get to it through the link or by scanning our QR image.
Have you asked others to do so? We want to reach as many on line as we did in hard copy – well over 380,000. You can help us get there!

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