Save Moore Street Awareness Week 501 – 20 April 2024

Bhí sé grianmhar ach fuar faoi scáth – rud nach rabhamar.
Bróna, Orla agus Diarmuid were the team an lá seo with Tony up from Wicklow for the Palestine solidarity march helping us out.
It felt a bit perhaps anti-climatic after our marking the previous week of 500 Saturdays on the street with petition sheets and leaflets, to be back on another Saturday though this time for Week 501.
Expressions of racism from people who support our campaign are becoming a little more frequent but still very much in a minority and it was heartening to see Dublin girls, working class by their accent, go to greet warmly a muslim girl (by clothing style) whom they obviously knew and an older woman, probably her mother.
One who signed our petition and passed a comment about “foreigners in the street” (who have kept the shops and stalls alive!) was directed by Tony to two of our posters of Irish heroes, James Connolly and Constance Markievicz, both migrants.
The new stalls on the street from Thursday to Saturday do enliven the street, which is great and it’s good to be able to buy hot food. But the popular bbq stand was not keeping the smoke down which did interfere with some other stalls and we could feel it catching a bit in our throats. When a bbq begins to smoke too much it is necessary to squeeze a sponge of water or squirt it from a bottle on to the source of the smoke.
The Hammerson court case against Dublin City Council is due next week but only for setting the next court appearance date, we are given to understand. Republic Day, the first day of the 1916 Rising and on which Patrick Pearse read out the 1916 Proclamation is on the 24th of April which falls during the following week.
As usual, our strength is in the awareness of the people which is why we’re here every Saturday and post a weekly album and you can help by sharing the latter on occasion.

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