Save Moore Street Awareness Week 494 – 2 March 2024

B’iad Bróna, Orla, Deirdre agus Diarmuid an foireann Dé Satharn.
The privately-run additional market stalls were there again that week and livening up the street, though when, as part of the DCC Market Expert Group recommended for the rejuvenation of the street market, we wanted the Council to do that rather than give the contract to a private group.
At Moore Street we are in the midst of history and never far it in conversation either, be it about the centuries-old street market or the fight for independence. Angela Savage came to sign our petition, a relative of Volunteer Martin Savage who was a member of the IRA party to ambush the British Occupation’s Lord Lieutenant for Ireland, Field Marshall John French on his way to his official residency in Phoenix Park (now Áras an Uachtaráin, official residency of the President of the Irish State).
French was of an Anglo-Irish family and had overseen the post-1916 Rising executions ordered by General Maxwell (six of those executed spent their last hours of freedom in Moore Street buildings). Due to misinformation given to the ambush party, French escaped injury but he did seem to be very lucky, avoiding a number of attempts to kill him. A number of TDs of Sinn Féin (illegal under martial law at this time) disapproved of the attempt at the time while others approved of it.
Volunteer Savage, a veteran of the 1916 Rising, had not been part of the original ambush but learned of it and pleaded to be included at the last minute which was agreed with fatal consequences for the young man.
Martin Savage unafraid
With rifle and grenade
Attacked them undismayed on Ashtown Road;
But a bullet laid him low
From the rifle of a foe –
That’s another debt we owe for Ashtown Road.
(Ashtown Road Ambush – Dominic Behan)
Angela had her photo taken with Bróna and Deirdre, both of whom have 1916 and War of Independence family connections.
The vast majority of people support the aims of the campaign but very occasionally we get hostility of some sort. “On this occasion an elderly man passed us saying: Ridiculous! Standing against progress!” Of course we are for progress but for appropriate conservation in the course of that.
A different kind of counter-current came from a man who, while signing our petition, made some racist remarks. He was told that we did not support those remarks, at which he seemed surprised, exclaiming “But I’m Irish!” and went off in a huff. He obviously hadn’t seen our posters of 1916 Rising leaders who were migrants or sons of migrants, three of whom were executed for their part in the Rising.
And in fact in addition to the indigenous, migrants settled in Ireland and people of migrant background sign our petition every week, as do some tourists.
Shane Swithers approached the petition table to sign in solidarity. He was carrying a couple of camáin (hurleys sticks) and told us he is a member of the Naomh Fhinbarra/ St. Finbar’s GAA club in Cabra. Bróna has historical GAA blood connections through Vol. Harry Boland but had left by that time to get her bus home and avoid expected transport disruption from the Stand Together march due to start at 1.30pm, but Deirdre, who also has 1916 Rising family connections, stepped in to stand beside him in his solidarity with Moore Street conservation photo.
It was unexpectedly warm to begin with in the sunshine ach once the néalta covered the sun d’éirigh sé fuar go leor.
As usual you can support our campaign by sharing our posts from time to time, spreading the word to your social contacts and also by signing and promoting our on-line petition

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