Save Moore Street Awareness Week 489 – 27 January 2024

It remained dry (tirm) for our shift and the weather was mild (bhí an aimsir bog) though a sudden freak gust of wind lifted the tent of the stall in front of us and nearly blew it away.
Bróna, Orla (somehow not visible in any photo), Deirdre agus Diarmuid were our foireann for the day as we set up our table for our 489th Saturday on the street.
The stalls of the private Moore Street Market company were back for Tradfest, though the trad (and ballad) music stage was in North Earl Street (short one that runs from O’Connell St. into Talbot St.).
That street owes its name to Henry Moore (not a member of the Ó Mórdha clan but from an English family called ‘Moore’), 3rd Earl of Drogheda, who gave parts of his name and title to Henry Street, Moore Street, Moore Lane and even Of Lane (now gone)! The northern half of O’Connell Street was also Drogheda Street (the southern half did not exist as a street until O’Connell – then Essex – Bridge was built). Not a man to hide his light under a bushel, was that settler aristocrat.
It was good to see and hear the street busy though traffic stopping at our table was a little less than usual and for awhile the music from the vinyls van was almost drowning out our calls! The company facilitating the new stalls will not be bringing them back until February, we understand.
We explained to a man reading our historical information placards that the street was a 1916 battleground as well as being the oldest open-air street market in Ireland and that a number of prominent people in the struggle had been migrants. Many had been sentenced to death but had their sentence commuted (like Markievicz) while others (like Connolly and Clarke) had been executed.
As we reported in last week’s album, we got in our observation objections to part of the Hammerson Plan by the deadline of the 11th January but now the speculator has replied to our observations so we have to read and maybe respond.
Also as we reported last week, we were informed that 29th January is the date set to hear Hammerson’s High Court objection to the elected Councillors voting buildings in the Moore Street area for historical preservation status. But we don’t have a case number.
The lack of information from DCC managers to us is shocking but then I don’t suppose they see us a their friends …
AS USUAL … you can support our independent group’s campaign by signing our on-line petition, sharing that with your contacts and sharing our posts from time to time from our FB page or website Our trust and hope is always with the people.

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