Save Moore Street Awareness Week 488 – 20 January 2024

Though it seemed to be threatening rain (ag bagairt báistí) it remained dry for our shift and although we had a bit of a breeze, the weather was mild (bhí an aimsir bog). Nothing like the previous Saturday, with bitter cold on the fingers even with gloves.
The Cumann na mBan table flag was washed and returned after getting soaked last week.
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre agus Diarmuid were our foireann for the day as we set up our table for our 488th Saturday on the street. Despite the quiet, the absence of the stalls of the private Moore Street Market company and absent even some of the few traditional stalls remaining (for example, the one selling flowers), we had a steady stream of people coming up to sign our petition, including people from India and Belgium (2 young lads on exchange program).
All four of our posters were up pointing out the leading role of people who were migrants or of migrant background: Patrick Pearse (son of a migrant); James Connolly, Tom Clarke and Constance Markievicz (all migrants, Connolly three times over). There were many others who participated in and even led the fight for Irish freedom.
Also up were our posters detailing the historical importance of the street and that our heritage is not for sale (although it frequently seems as though it is indeed).
As we reported in last week’s album, we got in our observation objections to part of the Hammerson Plan by the deadline of the 11th January.
Also as we reported last week, we are informed that 29th January is the date set to hear Hammerson’s objection to the elected Councillors voting buildings in the Moore Street area for historical preservation status. DCC’s Legal Dept. refused to answer nearly all our questions seeking information, even under Freedom of Information requests. Apparently they are saying that they can’t reveal their defence because that would help Hammerson. On the other hand, we are being told that Hammerson have not responded to DCC’s defence, which indicates that a) DCC have already revealed their defence to Hammerson without the latter having even outlined their own objections and b) on the other hand, they won’t tell the campaigners or the electorate in general their defence which they’ve revealed to the speculator! You’d wonder which side they were on, sometimes …

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