Save Moore Street Awareness Week 479 – 25 November 2023

Bróna, Orla, Deirdre agus Diarmuid were the foireann for the day.
Despite the city being a lot quieter after the incidents of Thursday evening and less stalls in Moore Street, we did get traffic people coming by, getting a leaflet, signing the petition and sometimes chatting.
One man came up to us exclaiming: “I thought this was all sorted?” It is far from ‘sorted’ but a number of people have been left with the impression that it is. This is one reason why it’s important for people to share our posts from time to time, because the word needs to be spread.
Chloe Brennan stopped to talk to us and sign the petition; her grandmothers Julie Brennan and Margaret (Mags) Furlong managed two fruit and vegetable stalls, outside about where the Polish supermarket is now.
We generally get some people from migrant background signing our petition to save our historic place and street market and it was good to see that continuing that day even after a recent night of racist and fascist-directed violence. Unusually for Moore Street, we had people from Liberia and Ghana signing.
On a different theme, Firefighters were promoting their beefsteak calendar which they produce each year for charity fundraising (we won’t mention who in our foireann was taking a great interest in the calendars).
Bhí sé fuar on the fingers but dtifficult to handle the leaflets while wearing gloves. The ones without the tops of fingers are great for that but those of us who have lost ours since last year couldn’t find a shop selling that type.
We would have had a fair amount Palestinian solidarity traffic through the street, as on other Saturdays, but sadly the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign had cancelled the planned rally and march.
Next Sunday 3rd December the 1916 Performing Arts Club will be conducting a dramatised history tour from the GPO, through Moore Street and ending at the Rotunda, with a narrator, actors, song and poetry. When we receive the poster and flyers we’ll display but for your diaries, they will start 2pm from the GPO corner with Princes Street (opposite Jim Larkin monument).
Fáilte roimh chách/ all welcome, in period costume or without, we’ve been told.
The High Court case of Hammerson against Dublin City Councillors as a result of Councillors voting five additional buildings in Moore Street to have historical preservation status is scheduled for next month.

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