Save Moore Street Awareness Week 477 – 11 November 2023

Bhí sé fuar ach tirm.
We had Bróna, Orla, Seán agus Diarmuid with us for an foireann inniu.
We were kept pretty busy with people wanting to sign the petition and talking to us about the campaign, the state of the country, history, reminiscences … So busy in fact we forgot to take more photos but that’s ok.
A number of people came up to Diarmuid to ask for directions to the Palestinian march rallying point for 1pm (a half-hour before our pack-up time) which puzzled him (why asking him?) until Bróna pointed to the kifiyeh he was wearing around his neck under his jacket, amidst laughs all around.
We have nothing to add to last week’s update – please read the text for Week 466 album, either on our FB page or on our website, just updated again by Bart (go raibh maith agat!).
As usual, you can support the campaign by spreading the word, sharing our posts from time to time, reaching the people we can’t and which the mass media won’t.

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