Save Moore Street Awareness Week 472 – 7 October 2023

Saturday’s foireann was Bróna, Orla, Deirdre agus Diarmuid. Eileen brought the soaked flags home to wash last week and passed them on dry to Orla, who in turn brought them in to us on the day.
Our table was busy from very soon after we set up.
We had Dubs of course but also a man from Kerry who said he points out to his people that without the struggle in Dublin that Irish history might have been very different. The Rising took place in Dublin and, when the special military rule districts were set up in West Cork and Tipperary, Dublin city was made one also. Several attempts were made in Dublin to assassinate Lord John French, the Crown’s Viceroy but the man had a surfeit of good luck.
People with backgrounds in other lands came to sign our petition also, including a number of German visitors.
About 75% of the fresh fruit and vegetables sold in the street are bought by people of migrant background and it seems they value the street market more than do the native Irish.
Two Dublin City Councillors and an ex-Councillor, all from the Left political party People Before Profit came by to sign the petition and to pose in solidarity portrait. Hazel De Nortún for Ballyfermot and Kelsy May Daly from Baile Átha Cliath 8 district were accompanied by former councillor Deirdre Cronin.
Diarmuid was talking in Irish with Hazel but also saying to them that the socialists in Ireland should be much more supportive of the conservation struggle in Moore Street than is currently the case – apart from anything else, it was where revolutionary socialist James Connolly spent his last hours of freedom.
Bhí sé bog ach brothallach.
It was our 472nd Saturday and our tenth year on the street.
No news yet on the appeals against planning permission to Hammerson.
Nor on the Hammerson High Court case against DCC for naming buildings for historical preservation. We have sent DCC a Freedom of Information request for which we have had acknowledgements but we want the actual information.
We learn that a separate organisation, the Save Moore Street Trust will be bringing a walking tour celebrating “the women of 1916” through Moore Street next Saturday after our packing-up time.
If we are to win, the public must be kept aware. You can help by sharing our posts on social media from time to time.

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