Save Moore Street Awareness Week 470 – 23 September 2023

B’iad Bróna, Orla agus Diarmuid an foireann inniu.
A supporter brought us a report published in the Irish Sun with a headline that the Hammerson plan was a “death-knell” for the Moore Street market. We will analyse this in more detail but bear in mind that both the death and the saving of the market have been announced many times over the decades – but we’re still here and fighting!
It was pretty slow at our campaign table yesterday but some other stall holders told us it had been like that for them too. A market is an organic thing and more than the sum of a street, stalls and shops agus ní mar an gcéanna aon dhá lá (no two days are alike).
Last night was Culture Night and Moore Street had its own version with history tours, stalls selling hot food, jewelry, belts, bags, tie-dying, colourful projections on to buildings.
There was also a stage for a duo playing Irish music, a story-teller and then finishing off with a rapper who did a fairly long set, finishing around 10pm.
On Saturday three Gardaí walked past at least twice and one of our team remarked how unusual that was since they rarely deal with anti-social behaviour in Moore Street (the kind they would not tolerate for one minute in Henry Street).
The Gardaí were not there later when we had some excitement; someone ran past and then a private security guard raced down the road; before he reached the end he had either caught his target or recovered (we suppose) a stolen sack.
But then the security guard was pursued on the way back by a couple shouting that he had tipped or nearly tipped their child out its pushchair.
A bag being carried by a customer from the Asian Spices shop next to our stall (their team have always helped us a lot) burst and dry rice cascaded on to the pavement. We helped the customer get his burst bag into another plastic bag while the sky darkened with pigeons descending to feast.
Then we swept up the spilled rice and tipped it into a nearly litter bin as every now and again a flock of pigeons descended to the bonanza, only to take off again threatened by the brush, with a flurry of wings from which one could feel the moving air as though from a fan.
Last week as we were packing up a man approached us with a microphone while a woman had a video camera. He asked to interview us and we agreed and Diarmuid replied to his questions. Some of us saw the video on Culture Night playing on a continuous loop in a tent-stall.
Hopefully the video will be uploaded to Youtube for wider viewing. It consisted of clips of interviews with new and traditional stall holders and from our interview also, in addition to the 1916 history by the presenter.
Diarmuid commented that traditional traders Carolyn and Phylis should form a comedy duo, they were so funny.
Ní raibh sé te is ní raibh sé fuar.
UASDHÁTÚ: Gan nuacht/ No news on either appeal to An Bord Pleanála or Hammerson High Court case against Dublin City Council.
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