Save Moore Street Awareness Week 469 – 16 September 2023

Bhí an aimsir beagán fliuch ach ceart go leor – luckily most of the rain held off.
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Eileen agus Diarmuid were the foireann don lae.
Emily dropped in for a chat; from the USA but married to an Irishman, Emily did her Masters on history and conservation with us in Moore Street and put in many hours distributing leaflets and talking to people.
Dubliner Keith and his daughter Della Grennan both signed and then Della, who was interested in history was having her photo taken by Keith when we invited them both to have their solidarity portrait taken by us.
A few Canadians were talking to us for quite a while, drinking in the history. And of course we had some from the USA too.
Then two young men from India and we got one (Samir?) to take our group photo. Diarmuid was chatting to them too about the S. Asian community in London, of which he had a little experience.
After a lot of mostly Dubs then Elias Ness (no, not Elliot Ness!), a young German asked us what we’re about. He’s in Dublin studying history, social studies and teaching. “Did you say history? Ah jayzus, c’mere till we tell ya …!” Elias was glad to sign and have his photo taken near a poster of Connolly and the Starry Plough flag.
We ran out of leaflets before the end of our shift but stayed until our normal closing time of 1.30pm and as we were packing up along came two people who are setting up a history tour company wanting to interview us on video. Of course obliged, happy to promote the history of the area.
We took too many photos and can’t resist the temptation to post a big selection – tá brón orainn!
Moore Street would be easily appropriate for a number of festivals throughout the year in Dublin but are regularly omitted, as we were from Blooms Day, Heritage Week, History Week, Food Festival, Trad Music Festival, Open House and, no doubt, the forthcoming Bram Stoker Festival.
The reason for omitting this historical and iconic street? Absent-mindedness – or not wanting to raise the profile of an area marked for destruction by speculators? What do you think?
However, apparently WE WILL BE FEATURING IN CULTURE NIGHT FRIDAY 22nd – Keep an eye on our page during the week.
Anyway, we promote history every week!
We have no updates to share with you regarding Hammerson’s (property speculator) Appeal to High Court against Dublin City Council, or from An Bord Pleanála against the planning permissions the Council gave to the speculator.

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