Save Moore Street Awareness Week 467 – 2 September 2023

Bhí an aimsir go breá – it was summer again for the day and stalls did well on the street, including ours.
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre agus Diarmuid were the foireann don lae, with Deirdre making a welcome return after a longish health-related absence.
Seán, who would often be helping with leafleting in the past, dropped in to say hello as he was shopping for school material.
Mary, a regular for years, dropped by to chat also and to bring some historical information she has collected.
Declan Byrne, of the North Wall Dockers’ Preservation Society stopped to chat and to share information on their own campaign for a Dockland Museum and posed for a solidarity portrait.
Johanna Kelleher who lives in Holloway, North London told us that her grandmother Elizabeth was born in No.16 Moore Street and that her Auntie had a shop there in 1904 (Gorman’s), being still there in 1916, when it was looted during the Rising (Dublin had huge poverty in sections of society at the time). Johanna has seen a copy of the insurance claim arising out of that.
It’s officially History Week now from 25 September – 15 October but every week is history week in Moore Street as we promote: “A 1916 Battleground and the oldest street market in Dublin!”
Our presence on the street every Saturday (467 weeks now) and our posters and leaflets, along with our weekly album and notes, reminds people of the historical importance of this street. And people also share their own family connections with the history (as with the case of Johanna above).
Of the Seven Signatories of the 1916 Proclamation of Independence, no less than FOUR spent their last hours of freedom in the terrace in Moore Street. Two of those were migrants and one the son of a migrant. The Signatories were all shot by British firing squads along with another seven in Dublin and one of those also was the son of a migrant.
Hammerson’s (property speculator) Appeal to High Court: No information received about that so a Freedom of Information Request has gone from us to Dublin City Council.
Planning Permission: As reported last week and earlier, Hammerson’s application including O’Rahilly Parade is open again for comments, at no cost to those who have already commented.
Our Appeal to An Bord Pleanála: Still awaiting decision.
New Market: The part of the market with the additional stalls run by a private company has been doing well and is now intended to run on for this month. This is good news but a continuous period of the revitalised market would be better all around (which would be more likely if this were run by the Council as we recommended, rather than by a private company).

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