Save Moore Street Awareness Week 465 – 19 August 2023

Foireann inniu: Bróna, Orla, Eileen agus Diarmuid – nearly an all-female lineup for our stall today, which is every week 11.30am-1.30pm. But we spread out to work the street.
This year Heritage Week runs 12th – 20th August and though not part of any official celebration of this festival we play our part in it annually and did so again this year. We do so by promoting the social and political history of the Moore Street area and by calling on people to “Save our heritage, save Moore Street from Demolition!” We are particularly happy to talk to children and young people about our heritage because they represent the future, which is always informed by the past.
We highlight here two photographs taken of street name-plates for Moore Street in which the Irish name in one is different from the Irish name in the other. For a long time the Irish version according to Dublin City Council was “Sráid Uí Mhórdha” which would have us think it was named after someone from the Irish ‘Ó Mórdha’ clan. But it wasn’t, the street was named after and by Henry Moore, 3rd Earl of Drogheda, of the English Moore family. Not a shy man, he also named Henry Street, Moore Lane, North Earl Street, Henry Place and Drogheda Street (the north end of what is now O’Connell Street).
Unfortunately, at some point in our history someone began to translate the Ó Mórdha name as “Moore” in English which laid the ground work for this wrong naming by DCC. However, that is no excuse because the database on place-names in Ireland, had the correct version for the Dublin Street. And what’s more, Diarmuid from our campaign has been telling the Council for years that they had the wrong name in Irish. Well, it looks like at some point, some official in DCC agreed and had the correct name-plate made and fixed to the north end of the street.
But forgot about the south end, where the wrong name in Irish remains.
The weather remained dry and warm for us on our stall today, which is every week 11.30am-1.30pm.
Hammerson have supplied further drawings to Planning decision 5126/22 Article 35, which refers to areas in O’Connell Street and the north end of the Moore Street 1916 terrace, i.e ending in O’Rahilly Parade. DCC has opened this application again for comments – without charge for those who have commented on the original application but by paying €20 for those who did not. The details on line are difficult to summarise and we hope to find time to inspect the drawings in the DCC office.
The deadline for commenting is 12th September.
Gan nuacht/ No news on either appeal to An Bord Pleanála or Hammerson High Court case against Dublin City Council.

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