Save Moore Street Awareness Week 453 – 27 May 2023

This week we’ll post a few photos from today and some from last week, in particular of the “Grannies’” performance last Saturday. We hope you found the topless model photos in last week’s album interesting. Technical problems meant we were unable to post last Saturday’s album until the early hours of today, apologies.
Read about the angry man who came to our table to vent his wrath.
Bhí an aimsir go breá, grianmhar ach scamallach go minic.
B’iad Bróna, Orla agus Diarmuid an foireann inniu.
The market was lively as it has been since the additional stalls were included, following recommendations of the Expert Group on Moore Street in which we were the only campaign group participating. We also recommended more historical focus in the street (which they are not doing) and the signposting of the O’Rahilly Monument (which only took place a few months ago and after we put up our own placard signposts last year).
The great majority of the encounters we have on the street are positive, with the people overwhelmingly in favour of historical commemoration and the saving of the street market. But today we encountered one of the exceptions.
Not long after we had set up an angry man approached our table and said it was disgusting how Irish Republicans were taking over historical commemoration and that the IRA had killed his father in an explosion in Talbot Street!
Bróna stood up to him and remarked how dare he, that we are an independent group struggling to save the history in the buildings and market. Bróna and a bystander told him the well-known fact that it was not the IRA that exploded the bomb in Talbot Street in 1974 but British Intelligence and Loyalists. According to a supportive bystander, the man’s surname is O’Neill and he is … a solicitor! (The Dublin and Monaghan bombings of May 1974 killed 33 people and a full-term child, the most killed in one day during the 30 years’ war; not a single person has ever been charged with the crime and the British State has refused to release its documents regarding the atrocity).
It is not unusual for people to assume that we are associated with Sinn Féin (for good or ill) but from our first day we have been independent of any political party or organisation.
We had lots of conversations with supporters during the day and took few photographs for that reason.
The High Court hearing sought by Hammerson to hear their objections to the Council’s naming buildings in “the 1916 Terrace” as “protected structures” is due to be heard next month.
No update on our and others’ appeals to An Bord Pleanála against the Hammerson Plan for Moore Street being approved by DCC’s Planning Department.
SUPPORTING THE CAMPAIGN: A very helpful thing you can do is to publicise the campaign, e.g. by sharing our posts from time to time, from our Facebook page or website, reaching people we can’t and which the media doesn’t care to.

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