Save Moore Street Awareness Week 448 – 22 April 2023

Gabh ár leithscéil (please accept our apologies) for the extremely late posting.
Bhí an aimsir go dona. It was wet and miserable and we could not go across the road because the access was blocked. The flags were soaked and had to be taken away to wash and dry for the following Saturday.
Bróna, Orla, Deirdrea and Steve were the foireann (Diarmuid was away).
No update available on the High Court hearing sought by Hammerson to hear their objections to the Council’s naming buildings in “the 1916 Terrace” as “protected structures”.
Nor on our and others’ appeals to An Bord Pleanála against the Hammerson Plan for Moore Street being approved by DCC’s Planning Department.
There was a media article on the new market stalls (tent-style, mostly) which did not comment on the 1916 history of the street even once. They interviewed new and veteran stall holders and the Save Moore Street Trust but clearly decided to exclude us, who are there every Saturday, have collected over 380,000 signatures and produced and distributed thousands of leaflets.
We are also the only group to campaign for years for the erection of a signpost directing attention to the O’Rahilly Monument in the lane off Moore Street. The Council finally erected one earlier this year but we had already erected our own the year before, after promises from the Council remained unfulfilled.
We will provide a link to that article and comment on it in more detail on a future occasion.
HOW TO HELP THE CAMPAIGN? Probably the most helpful thing you can do is to publicise the campaign and you can do that by sharing our posts from time to time, from our Facebook page or website, reaching people we can’t and which the media doesn’t care to (as noted in a few paragraphs above).
Ní neart go cur le chéile.

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