Save Moore Street Awareness Week 447 – 15 April 2023

This Saturday the market was very lively, with which the presence of the addition tent etc stalls certainly helped. The promotion of history in the street is still missing though with regard to culture, Irish music may have been played (musicians set up as we were leaving).
We were dismayed when we arrived to see, for the second week in a row, big vans once again blocking view of our campaign banner and table from the middle and opposite sides of the street. However in our liaison with the manager of the street security team and compliance from the owners of the relevant tent stall, the vans were removed.
Bhí an aimsir go maith agus tirm and jackets soon had to be removed …
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Eileen and Diarmuid were the foireann on Saturday (Steve was unwell) and for a while we were joined in leaflet distribution by USA author Kieran McMullen. Among his publications are some on weapons and tactics in war in Ireland and he and his wife have been supporters of our campaign for a number of years.
Many people came to sign the petition and to ask for an update in addition to wishing the campaign well. Of course the Irish were in a majority and it was good to see many bringing their children to the table and explaining to them why they were signing.
People from migrant background do sign also and a couple from India approached us to ask what it was about, being most impressed when we explained, also informing them of some of the Irish Republican and Indian revolutionary contacts in the early decades of the last century.
A Brazillian man who had signed the petition previously came to ask which was the house occupied by the insurgents leaving the GPO. This is a common mistake among Irish people also; it was THE WHOLE TERRACE Nos.10-25 that the 300 Volunteers occupied, tunnelling from house to house.
We were visited by Veronique Crombé, a French history worker graphic artist who has been a supporter of our campaign for years and regularly visits Ireland.
Christy Delaney, a friend of Bróna’s visited us for awhile. He is organising to cycle to fundraise to supply dogs for autistic children.
We have not yet heard of a definite date for the High Court hearing sought by Hammerson to hear their objections to the Council’s naming buildings in “the 1916 Terrace” as “protected structures” and nor have the property speculators divulged yet the basis for their objections.
Our and others’ appeals against the Hammerson Plan for Moore Street being approved by DCC’s Planning Department remain awaiting adjudication as the Bord has been in the throes of internal and external conflicts. We wait to see whether the appointment of a new senior officer heralds a real change or otherwise.
How to help the campaign? Probably the most helpful thing you can do is to publicise the campaign and you can do that by sharing our posts from time to time, from our Facebook page or website, reaching people we can’t and which the media doesn’t care to.

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