Save Moore Street Awareness Week 445 – 1 April 2023

Last week our independent campaign group reached all the fours, 444 weeks of Saturdays campaigning on the street. Will we reach all the fives, 555 weeks, before this struggle is won? You can help by sharing our posts from time to time and by supporting our events (like OUR EASTER RISING COMMEMORATION next Saturday at our pitch 1-2pm – see Facebook event).

Bhí an aimsir maith go leor and dry and many came to sign the petition, talk, ask questions, buy a campaign badge …
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Eileen and Steve were the foireann on Saturday (Diarmuid was missing for a rare occasion, sitting an exam).

Steve gave an English couple, who had never heard of the 1916 Rising (the UK education system!) a mini-history tour, with which they were most impressed.

Some visitors from Aberdeen in Scotland signed, chatted and posed for photos while, unconnected, a man, also from Aberdeen (!), came and signed the petition.

High Court Case: As we posted a number of time, Hammerson’s objections to the Council’s naming buildings in “the 1916 Terrace” as of historical conservation status, “protected structures”, have not been heard yet in the High Court and they have not divulged the basis for their objections yet. The case was projected to be heard in March but that month has now gone.

Appeal to An Bord Pleanála: Appeals (ours and others’) against the Hammerson Plan being approved by DCC’s Planning Department remain awaiting adjudication as the Bord are immersed in internal and external conflicts. A former senior officer has been charged amidst allegations of cronyism and breaking adjudication rules and an investigation have found staff unhappy and demoralised. Does the appointment of a replacement herald a real change or will it prove to be merely plastering over the foundation cracks (a procedure which should never receive planning permission)?

Market Upgrading: We posted publicity from DCC announcing a revitalisation of the market with 100 days of stalls and events, which we welcomed. But its first day following that publicity did not bode well for its future. Three new stalls is not going to make a significant difference.

In addition, we welcome the multi-cultural input and many people from migrant background or visitors shop in the market and also sign our petition. But as we have noted before, Irish history and culture also needs to be a part of plans for the market and street.
The 1916 Rising and War of Independence inspired people around the world at the time and can continue to do so today.

Meanwhile, how are the new or existing stalls to be supported? As we have often pointed out, the stalls have insufficient lighting, shelter or heating; they have no water supply near at hand for washing hands or produce or for keeping flowers fresh and no toilets for stall-holders whatsoever.

A Moore Street butcher has questioned the operation of the market and the threat of the Hammerson projected building site in a threat not to pay his rates, for the first time in decades of his and his family’s business on the street.

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