Save Moore Street Awareness Week 443 – 18 March 2023

Ní raibh an t-ádh linn inniu with the weather and although not cold the drizzle was almost constant so we set up under the overhang across the street again this week. When we finished and were wrapping up, the sky cleared and the rain stopped!

The flags will need to be washed again and brought back dry; Eileen and Orla will do that this time.

A number of street stalls were open and in business, selling flowers and fruit, caps, sweets and soft toys. Sadly the occasional tent stalls and booths that were lining the street on Thursday were gone today.

Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Eileen, Steve and Diarmuid were the foireann today.

Today was very busy with people signing and discussions and we collected many petition signatures again today in addition to distributing copies of of our new leaflet.

Annual visitors from the United States, Jeff Schneider and Lorrie Jackson came by as we were setting up and we took the opportunity for a quick chat and group photo (we got a nice guy from the Asian food shop to take the photo on our phone). We told them about a few history plaques they might like to see and about the origin of the words on the Larkin Monument in O’Connell Street: “The great only appear great because we are on our knees; let us arise!” Ger O’Leary, the actor, used to perform the Larkin speech in which he quoted that but the original is attributed to French revolutionary Camille Desmoulins (1760–94).

One of the Bradys, relations of Patrick Pearse’s and Margaret Brady but with many family connections going back to the Young Irelanders, stopped by to chat with us.

Thomas Murran signed the petition and told us about his great-grandfather’s participation in the 1916 Rising and War of Independence. James Murran died when Thomas was only five years of age, too young to know the questions he would later have liked to have asked.

We have nothing to add to our previous post – we await An Bord Pleanála’s response to ours and others’ appeals against DCC’s Planning Department approving Hammerson’s planning application.

Hammerson’s objections to the Council’s naming five buildings in “the 1916 Terrace” as of historical conservation status, “protected structures”, have not been heard yet in the High Court and they have not divulged the basis for their objections yet. When they do, can Dublin City Council managers be trusted to direct their lawyers to fight to defend the Councillors’ correct decision and the protection of the buildings?

You can help the campaign by scaipeadh an scéil – spreading the word – about the campaign on social media and by sharing our posts from time. You can reach people we can’t and the mass media won’t.

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