Save Moore Street Awareness Week 442 – 11 March 2023

Bhí sé ag cur báistí almost relentlessly so we set up under the overhang across the street but even there, rain came down through gaps between the glass sheets. About 1pm it stopped and we moved the table back to our usual spot on the east side of the street but flags and some leaflets had got soaked by then.

Despite the persistent rain a number of street stalls remained open, selling flowers and fruit.

Bróna, Orla, Deirdre and Diarmuid were the foireann today. Despite the weather we collected a number of petition signatures again today and distributed copies of our new leaflet (see photo of the front of it modeled by Diarmuid). Once again, a lovely design job by Bart Hoppenbrouwers had us very pleased.

Three days after Working Women’s Day, it was an all-female lineup at the table most of the time as Diarmuid was hanging up the banner and flags or distributing the new leaflet to the shops and open stalls in the street.

Our campaign badge was on sale also, the pin-and-clip type, in attractive green and gold, bearing the logo of our campaign group, the Grotesque on top of No.55 Moore Street minus a wing-tip lost to a British bullet in 1916.

As outlined last week, An Bord Pleanála notified us that their January deadline for adjudicating on appeals against DCC’s Planning Department (approving Hammerson’s applications) is being delayed (for the third time). We were not surprised as ABP is enmired in internal and external problems relating to inappropriate procedures and decisions on other appeals.

You can help by spreading the word – scaipeadh an fhocail – about the campaign on social media and by sharing our posts from time.

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