Save Moore Street Awareness Week 403 – 11 June 2022

Bhí cuma báistí ar an spéir and sure enough it did rain while we were setting up, sending us scurrying across the street with the table to the sheltered part. But it soon passed and after that we had aimsir scamallach, sun and cloud. And gusts of wind trying to spread our leaflets along the street.

With Bróna and Daniel away, we were a foireann beag but Steve joined us later.

There was a good mix of ages among signers of the petition, many of course from Dublin. One woman however was from Cork, then we had a woman from Ecuador with her Coolock partner, a young woman from Arklow of mixed Mauritius and English parentage, two older women from St. Albans in England. Particularly encouraging were two pairs alternately of young women and young men who wanted to learn about the situation and were very supportive of the campaign.

And we were honoured to receive a signature from Dr. Coghlan.

No further news about the 3rd planning application, permissions granted or the appeals.

While contacting Dublin City Council, seeking a replacement for the missing O’Rahilly Monument signpost (which was erected only after our pushing for it over years and went missing in about a week after its erection) it appears the officer was unaware it was missing! Of course we hung up our temporary sign as we do every week.

As remarked by the young men in conversation with us, the street could be great with independent cafes, food stalls etc. Indeed, and don’t think we haven’t been telling the Council that in various forums and working groups.

We include some photos of a new market in Phibsboro along the old filled-in canal stretch taken on Friday. This is open one day weekly and could easily be a feature of Moore Street but …. the speculators clearly want to run down the street so it doesn’t look worth saving, then go ahead with their demolitions and construction of a hotel and chain store shopping units.

Elsewhere in the city the speculators are not just destroying Dublin architecturally and historically but are also making it less and less possible for people to afford their accommodation and for independent shops to pay the rents and leases in order to operate.

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