Save Moore Street Awareness Week 431 – 24 December 2022

Bhí an aimsir go breá ar dtús but then the rain came, so we took the table over the other side of the street to shelter. Later, after we’d left, bhí sé ina mhonsún!
Bróna, Orla, Deirdre, Daniel, Donnacha and Diarmuid were the foireann today with Steve coming by to help later and also fixing the table for us. Donnacha de Long is one of Bróna’s emigrated sons, home for a visit.
You might remember us telling you that Gillian Ryan told us last week that No.55 was damaged in 1916 and insurance would not pay out so the owner, Mr. Cunningham, had it repaired at his own cost but included an angry representation of his own face in the frontal decorations. So we took a photo of the faces today … but is it the top one?
As usual, people from all over were signing the petition today and talking about the need to conserve the buildings and the market.
Bróna presented each of us with a Moore Street Christmas card she had made herself (see photo album).
We’re awaiting a delivery of more campaign badges but still have one left.
No tent stalls were up today despite the organisers saying they would be until Christmas.
We had to realign a number of our O’Rahilly Monument ‘signpost’ placards and hope this was due to the effect of strong winds rather than done out of badness.
We note that an attractive mural at the north end of the 1916 Terrace carries a cultural-historical message, which is great. But it’s general – nothing specific about what happened on that street, in that area. We’ve been saying that “the political history of the street needs to be highlighted too, the surrender point of not only the 1916 Irish national rising but the first rising against world war, in which the first workers’ army and the first revolutionary female military organisation took part, along with others.”
Why not a few murals about what actually happened there? Would Hammerson prefer not to have that highlighted and are Dublin City Council facilitating them?
Níl aon nuacht specific to the Hammerson applications and our registered opposition to them but, according to media reports An Bord Pleanála is in great difficulty, both internally and in external confidence. Whether that plays out to our advantage in conservation is a question and it may make no difference whatsoever.
Nollaig shona agus Ath-Bhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go léir!
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