Save Moore Street Awareness Week 428 – 3 December 2022

Bhí an t-ádh linn leis an aimsir (we were lucky with the weather). It spotted rain a few times but that was all and it wasn’t too cold overall (what the stall-holders on the street hate most is rain).
Eileen, Orla, Deirdre, Daniel and Diarmuid were the foireann today. And all were kept busy handing out leaflets, collecting petition signatures, selling badges (only a handful left), explaining where the struggle is at currently and informing people who were unaware of the history or of the location of the O’Rahilly Monument.
A regular visitor, Ray, brought us some copies of a local free newspaper, Local News, the front page of which had a story about the street. It’s great to see the publicity but the headline was somewhat misleading: “Moore Street Fight Is On as Destruction Begins”. This is not about the damage planned by Hammerson but instead refers to a business breaching a party wall with another building.
A group of youth, Codie Lennon, Conor Preston and Jessica Webb stopped to sign the petition and then posed for a solidarity portrait. This is a great way for people to help the campaign, having their photo taken by the banner and sharing that on social media. Great also to see the young, the future of the country, taking an interest in past history and current social amenities.
Along with Dublin accents from people coming to sign our petition there were some from other counties, including Cork and some from other lands including a Brazilian who took a leaflet and, having read it, came back to sign the petition.
The tent stalls were back again as they will be on Saturdays and Sundays from now until Christmas.
A music performing tent was being installed nearly in front of where we set up every week but thankfully after a word with the market supervisor it was moved a little. We could then enjoy the trad music without having our campaign table blocked and in between their sets we called out our own information pieces such as “Oldest street market in Dublin, 1916 Battlefield – don’t let speculators tear it down!”
As we’ve observed previously, the livening up of the street tent stalls and music is a good thing but we seem to be the only regular input on the history, for two hours on a Saturday. There is scope for so much more, such as murals …… Speaking of which, we saw one being painted and unsure as we are to what it will be when completed, it didn’t seem to be about the market or the 1916 battle in the street.
Last week we noted that the deadline was imminent for objecting to another two applications by the speculator Hammerson, Nos. 5126/22 and 5127/22, to include Moore Lane and O’Connell Street. We lodged objections to both (and paid the 20 euro charge to do so) and heard back that one Hammerson application has been declared invalid. The other three already agreed by DCC’s Planning Department are the subject of appeals to an Bord Pleanála, with no decision expected before January 2021.
You can help by spreading the word about the campaign on social media and by sharing our posts from time.

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