Save Moore Street Awareness Week 425 – 12 November 2022

Bróna, Orla and Diarmuid, with Steve later were our foireann today.
As usual, we were kept busy handing out leaflets, collecting petition signatures, explaining the situation or the background and listening to people tell us their stories.
Today we had some printed information placards to erect. Diarmuid went looking for clips to attach them to the rope the banner and flags hang from but neither of the shops you’d think of in the street had them so he ended up buying clothes-pegs to secure them.
We met Jacinta O’Neill who was chatting to us about so many of the street traders who had been there that she knew. We encouraged her to come back to us earlier next week and to bring some of her photos of the street.
Along with Dubs singly and in families we had our usual sprinkling of migrants and foreign students, of which two Slovakian women were the former and a Chilean couple the latter.
As we were wrapping up, we got talking to a visiting couple who live in the USA but one was Chinese and the other Norwegian.
All of these people tell us how important it is to save the historical artefacts, the 1916 battleground, the buildings occupied and tunnelled by freedom fighters and the old street market with its own character. Many times we are thanked and people say “I hope yez win” but we need to turn that to “I hope WE win”, for the struggle is for the benefit of most and needs the support of most.
An AIMSIR was dry, despite threatening rain, instead breaking out into warm sunshine for some of the time.
Protected Buildings: The Council designate ta number of buildings in the street as in need of historical protection. Cnclr John Lyons moved the original motion on this back around 2017 if memory serves and our group pushed it to be actioned again and again in the Council’s Moore Street Forum, year after year. It was delayed again and again from the Council’s Planning Department and also by Hammerson refusing inspection of their buildings and threatening legal action. And now it is reported that Hammerson have indicated that they will challenge the designation.
Giving a building historical protected status does not necessarily prevent the kind of plan that Hammerson has, since a protected building can in law be maintained while still developing the inside as a chain store.
Appeals Against Hammerson Plan:
An Bord Pleanála had been expecting to give a response in early November on the third planning appeal, which relates specifically to the two DCC buildings at the end of the terrace howevr now we’ve been notified that they don’t expect to adjudicate until the end of January 2023.
The New Market Stalls that were there for Hallowe’en are not back yet but will be, in the run up to Christmas. And afterwards? The street needs livening up now on a consistent basis.
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