Save Moore Street Awareness Week 418 – 24 September 2022

Bhí sé scamallach, uaireannta grianmhar agus d’fhan sé tirm.
The Foireann today was Bróna, Orla agus Steve, with Diarmuid away on a course.
Petition-signers kept coming today with lots of interesting conversations. One man came looking for a history tour and will be back to us again. Both Diarmuid and Mary have separately run such tours on occasion.
People coming to us to sign the petition included some attending the Cost of Living protest march, scheduled to gather as we finished and packed our gear away. Some included families up from Drogheda and Wicklow (two places with particular historical memory of Cromwellian massacre it occurs to us).
More of our badges got sold too. The image on the badge is of the grotesque on the roof apex of No.55 and is also our campaign group’s logo. It survived the fighting and flames in 1916 but lost a wing-tip to a British Army bullet.
New Market Opened – and closed
The much-publicised new market hit Moore Street on Thursday 22nd with some publicity events and on the 23rd with Culture Night but will NOT be there again until Hallowe’en, is the latest information we’ve received.
perhaps, Culture Night was used for the launch but it does not seem to make sense to then have a hiatus until the end of the month. Also, it seems a shame to have missed the summer and to be bringing the new market stalls on as the weather gets colder and wetter and the street darker.
Some people who claimed to know said the whole set up would have seen no change from €10K.
The stalls were of the small open-front fairground tent-type with food, hot drink, art and clothing among the goods on sale and there was a traditional Irish music performance tent. The crowds around some of the tents did cause difficulties for some of the remaining fruit and vegetable stalls in particular as they were packing up around the time the stalls were coming into operation.
There are bound to be some challenges in any new initiative but the organisers should consult with the regular stall-holders to see what can be done to reduce inconvenience.
The opening up of the market to more stalls and Sunday opening was part of the recommendations of the Market Expert Group’s Report in December 2020. Our group was represented on the Expert Group — an independent business representative also attended but the street trader’s representative attended only one meeting. We made some of the proposals for market extension — but also for the marking and celebration of the history of the street and we hope that will not be forgotten.
We’ve included a few photos from the brief early appearance of the ‘new market’.
Mar is gnáthach, you can help spread the word by the occasional sharing of our posts.

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