Save Moore Street Awareness Week 410 – 30 July 2022

On our campaign group’s 410th SATURDAY ON THE STREET and a month away from the completion of our 8th year, it threatened rain but fortunately remained dry.

Orla, Christian agus Diarmuid were the foireann inniu. Jack and Iarla dropped by to help for awhile also, distributing leaflets.

Bróna’s attending commemorative events this weekend around her relation, Harry Boland. Harry Boland was a hurling athlete and organiser, also a revolutionary Irish Republican and TD. Harry took the Republican side against the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the Free State and commented that Michael Collins would not allow him to remain alive as Boland knew too much. Harry Boland was murdered in his hotel room in Skerries by Free State soldiers on 1st August 1922; exactly three weeks later Collins was killed in an IRA ambush in Cork.

Today Bróna and her family were at Harry Boland commemoration in Skerries; there will be (football and hurling) events Sunday at Faugh’s GAA, also Monday (ceremony, talks) at Glasnevin Cemetery starting at 12 noon. More info on: & Harry Boland Commemoration on Eventbrite

We met lots of people from Dublin and some from other parts of Ireland, all anxious to have the 1916 Terrace properly developed as a historical experience, while also wanting the street market upgraded and conserved.

We also had people originally from Jaimaca, Italy, Mexico, Poland – all settled in Ireland – signing the petition. As we were finishing, a group of male and female Scouts appeared, all from London and many of Irish descent. We took the time to speak to them too about the history of the market and the 1916 battleground, also informing about and directing them towards the O’Rahilly Monument (the one that apparently neither the Dept. of Heritage nor Dublin City Council wants to promote). And reminded them that in the 1916 Rising there were London, Manchester and Glasgow accents among the insurgents.

Níl aon nuacht yet about the APPEALS against Hammerson’s planning permissions to An Bord Pleanála.

Still no SIGNPOST to the O’Rahilly Monument from Dublin City Corporation.

As we flagged up earlier, The Village magagazine ran an article in relation to the attempt to use public money by DCC and the Dept of Heritage to match Hammerson in a 3-way payoff for street traders to accept the Harrmerson deal. A few newsagents we tried didn’t have it so we’ve not seen the article yet but we hear that Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD is intending to raise the issue in the Dáil which to be honest is overdue someone doing since this first came out months ago.

As usual, you can assist the campaign by spreading the word, e.g sharing our we

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