Save Moore Street Awareness Week 409 – 23 July 2022

D’fhan an aimsir tirm cé go raibh sí ag bagairt báistí.

As we approached the 410th Saturday shift on the street for our campaign group, Bróna, Christian agus Diarmuid were our foireann for the day. It started slowly for us but then we had many engagements with people, even when we were trying to pack up.

A couple from Tyrone came to sign the petition and to chat a little.

A Dub told us the grandfather of the young boy with him, by surname Murphy, was out in 1916 with the Volunteers in Wexford and in the struggle afterwards. The lad was really keen to learn about the history so we spent some time adding to his knowledge.

Of course Dubs signing the petition and talking to us happens all the time.

A family visiting, the father Swedish and mother German, took great interest and were keen to sign the petition. The woman said they had been on a history tour and learned about the 1916 Rising.

A couple from Valencia, in the Spanish state (but one of the Catalan-speaking regions outside Catalonia) stopped to chat and to sign the petition, so we bade them a “moltes gracies”.

And a “muchas gracias” to the woman from Venzuela and just plain “thanks” to her Croatian partner, who was eager to learn of the history and how the campaign was going.

In addition to our own Appeal to an Bord Pleanála against DCC’s granting of 3rd planning permission on Moore Street, viz.for demolition and construction at the north end of the 1916 Terrace and O’Rahilly Parade, others have gone in too.

We are informed that “The Village” magazine will be carrying an article exposing the attempt by a State Department and by Dublin City Council to use public money, in addition to the speculator Hammerson, to buy off street trader opposition to the Hammerson plan.

We hear that one of the managers of the properties for Hammerson got people in to carry out work in one of the shops while the leasee was on holiday in Asia. The latter heard about it and rushed back and, we are informed, reported the properties manager to the Council for carrying out alterations without planning permission.
Whether linked to this is uncertain but we were informed of an allegation that a business had cut a door way – or was about to do so – through a party wall with another building in the terrace. Even the tamest assessment of the Planning Department is that the party walls in most of the Terrace are pre-1916 and must be preserved.

STILL NO SIGN OF THE SIGN, by which we mean the one pointing to the O’Rahilly Monument, requested by us repeatedly over years and promised, at last erected earlier this year and disappeared within weeks, still awaiting promised replacement. Only on Saturdays is there a sign pointing towards the Monument – our small one.

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