Save Moore Street Awareness Week 402 – 4 June 2022

Lá breá a bhí ann.

The foireann (team) was thin on the ground today, just Diarmuid agus Bróna but later we were joined by Deirdre and later still by Steve. Bart is back working on Saturdays and Orla and Daniel both had commitments elsewhere today.

We had lots of signatures but even more importantly, lots of positive engagements with people about our history and conservation of buildings and street markets.

Lots of Irish people signed of course but as usual we had engagements with a sprinkling of people from other parts of the world. There was a German woman taking photographs, a very interested couple from the Spanish state (Madrid and Teneriffe), a family from Brazil, a young man from Algeria (“looking for cheap tobacco”) and a woman from Mongolia. Then there was an Irish guy with his Ukrainian partner.

As we Irish went around so many parts of the world, some settling and raising families in their new homes, some staying a few years and then returning home, so it is in Ireland now too for people from other countries. Though in history we did have Huguenot refugees and Jews and in the more recent past Italian immigration too (opening many fish-and-chip shops, and cafés with ice cream) and also refugees from Hungary and Poland …..

We often see walking history tours going down Moore Street and though we saw none today during our shift, we thought we’d post a few photos of a history tour Diarmuid guided on Thursday (as he does from time to time) from Liberty Hall to Moore Street and Rotunda for a group of students from the USA. Both he and Mary have led history tours through Moore Street in the past.

We hear that An Bord Pleanála (which refused us an oral hearing) have reached a decision but have yet to publish it and that the Planning Department of Dublin City Council are about to decide on the third planning application from Hammerson (the one that affects the north end of the terrace and O’Rahilly Parade).

The missing signpost to the O’Rahilly Monument has STILL NOT BEEN REPLACED.

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