Save Moore Street Awareness Week 401 – 28 May 2022

A great and welcome surprise for our regular shift on the cobbles was the appearance of Bart on the street. Bart was one of our core team for years until he got a job that required his presence on a Saturday and this one was one of his rare free Saturdays after that. So he joined us for our our shift and most of the photos, as when he was with us in the past, are his. Bróna, Orla, Daniel and Diarmuid made up the rest of the foireann.

We spoke to a number of Italians, each time as partners or friends of residents of various backgrounds – Mexican, Mauritian and Irish. All were very interested in the history and our campaign – one pair posed for a solidarity portrait. In addition we had a Dutch woman settled in Ireland come by so she and Bart were chatting away in their original languages.

There were a number of historical walking tours doing the rounds and we particularly appreciated one tour guy bringing his group to us for a short talk about the place and the conservation struggle. This does not always happen and one would wonder what they will say when there is next to nothing left to see in Moore Street (if the property speculator gets his way).

A man came by looking for “the monument” and didn’t know which one he wanted; we directed him towards the O’Rahilly Monument, certainly the nearest one (though there are some plaques in the vIcinity). That is the monument in the lane now called O’Rahilly Parade that has never been signposted in the decades since first erected until earlier this year, then lasting only days before it disappeared.

Michael, a photographer whom we have not seen for quite a while, came by to chat and posed for a solidarity portrait too.

Lá grianmhar, a sunny day soon had us discarding jackets and also dealing with the greater number of passersby and shoppers stopping to sign the petition but also in extended conversations.

Street markets are springing up or extending in Dublin and, if Moore Street were not such a prize for the speculator vulture, it would be getting a facelift and developed as a vibrant market. Latest we’ve been told about is in Phibsboro …..
Moore Street has great potential in that regard, apart from its history but while it is targeted for “redevelopment”, obviously nothing will be done that will encourage people to develop it as anything but a chain-store shopping district with yet another hotel.

The main way in which people can help us is by spreading the word, reaching people that we can’t, i.e by sharing our posts from time to time. Another good way is to have your solidarity portrait taken in front of our campaign banner and then posting that photo on your own social media. Ní neart go cur le chéile.

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