Save Moore Street Awareness Week 395 – 23 April 2022

Bhí sé scamallach and the street was busy.

Though we were missing Bróna today we had Orla, Daniel, Diarmuid and Seán Óg – leaflets flying out, signatures filling petition sheets and some funds coming in too.

On the street today signatories crossed age groups and gender; many Irish came to sign our petition but also people from Brazil (5), Croatia (1), and Turkey (1) and a Polish woman 12 years here.

Towards the end Steve arrived to give us a hand pack up so everything was done quickly and efficiently.

Mary Brennan, nee O’Reilly stopped to sign and chat, niece of Volunteer Molly O’Reilly, who was chosen by Connolly at the age of 14 to raise the green flag and harp over Liberty Hall shortly before the 1916 Rising. Active trade unionist, member of the Irish Citizen Army, Molly served as a courier in the Rising. Great to chat with Mary about growing up working class in Dublin, going to school without even being able to afford a schoolbag.

An Bord Pleanála has refused to hold an oral hearing on the appeals against Dublin City Council’s Planning Department granting two demolition planning permissions to Hammerson and will make their decisions behind closed doors. We understand that it would be uncomfortable for them to hear the objections and for interested people and press to sit in the audience but isn’t that part of what democracy is about? ABP’s reasoning seems to be that it does not “involve significant national or local issues”!

Really? Or could it be that they don’t want it in open oral hearing precisely because it DOES involve national and local issues of great importance?

The O’Rahilly Monument remains without signpost since the disappearance of the one DCC finally erected some weeks ago.
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