Save Moore Street Awareness Week 388 – 5 March 2022

Bróna, Daniel agus Diarmuid were the foireann today.
We had people from Tyrone and other parts of Ireland coming to the table to support the campaign and to sign the petition but also from Portugal and Latin America, as well as a couple of Dublin lads, one of whom arrived in Dublin as a child and grew up here.
Steve Mackey and Brendan Mulvihill dropped by to lend support. Brendan is a relative of London Volunteer Michael Mulvihill, killed in Moore Lane during the GPO evacuation. Michael from Kerry was in the London Volunteer company with his Dublin brother-in-law Austin Kennan (who survived the Rising without being captured).
Historian-author Derek Molyneux dropped by separately to express their support. Derek bought us all ice-creams (!) and was soon in a conversation about history and conversation with his partner — a relative of Volunteer Michael Malone (of Battle of Mount Bridge fame) — along with another Irish man and his Latin American partner, who had been earlier discussing Spanish-Irish linguistics with Diarmuid. Ye never know what ye might end up talking about in Moore Street ….
It was a lá breá Earraigh and lots of people were out to enjoy it, including a photography school and a history tour.
The deadline for submissions on appeals to An Bord Pleanála against the two Hammerson planning permissions has passed so we now expect a decision around July (though it may be later).
Apparently there is an item to come in the Sunday Times tomorrow relating to the street traders about a hint of scandal but we’ve not seen it yet.

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