Save Moore Street Awareness Week 387 – 26 February 2022

The foireann inniu was Bróna, Daniel and Diarmuid (with Mary dropping by later).
Among the people from outside Dublin signing the petition today we had a woman from Yorkshire whose mother used to have a stall on Moore Street and a woman from Enniskillen who gave us a financial donation to help with our expenses. A woman from Sudan with three children was interested but her command of English wasn’t up to understanding the reason for our campaign so her son, about 7 or 8, was translating from our leaflet.
Among the subjects discussed on our ‘front line’ today were Brer Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and the war in Ukraine!
Bhí sé gaofar go leor and gusts of wind scattered leaflets and other material off our table as well as sending flags fluttering or even looping the loop, which they nearly did to the banner also and snapped the strings securing the bottom corners.
We had to stretch not just the two bungie cords across the width of the table but another lengthwise too, to hold down the material.
There is still time to make an observation on one of the Appeals to An Bord Pleanála against the two demolition permissions granted by the Planning Department of Dublin City Council. Appeals costing €220 each have been submitted to An Bord Pleanála against the two applications granted. Anyone can add an Observation to one of those appeals for a charge of €50. Here is how to do it:
• write or type your name and address on a sheet of paper and
• the DCC Planning reference number(s) you are objecting to (Nos. 2861/21 and 2862/21)
• Write “I wish to support the appeal of ….. (choose the one you support) because …..
• ………………….. (list your reasons)
• Deliver it by hand or mail to:
The Secretary,
An Bord Pleanála,
64 Marlborough Street,
Dublin 1.
• And pay the charge.
• By 3rd March 2022 (the deadline may be a few days later – ABP has declined to confirm)
You should also keep a copy for yourself.


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