Save Moore Street Awareness Week 385 – 12 February 2022

AN AIMSIR looked bad for the rally scheduled for later but mostly cleared up later, though damp.
Bróna, Orla, Diarmuid, Seán and Paddy were our team today. It was great to see Paddy down from Ulster, on crutches and all – and he had to go back up for a hospital appointment.
People kept Bróna busy at the table as they signed the petition and our leafleters were also often engaged in conversations about the history of the market and the battleground and the conservation campaign.
We spoke to Niall Kelly who was telling us about his great-grandfather, who worked in Guinness Brewery, which is where he was when the 1916 Rising started (we jotted down his name but it got smudged and can’t read it now). On his way home he was, like quite a few other civilians, shot dead by a British Army sniper.
A number of appeals (at €220 a time) have gone into an Bord Pleanála against the planning permission given to Hammerson for demolition in Moore Street. People can put in further appeals or make an observation in support of an appeal for €50. They can be made by mail or online by the 3rd March deadline. You can choose from one of those who have lodged an appeal on (Diarmuid Breatnach has lodged an appeal on behalf of our group)
On the submission you will need
1. your name and address
2. An Bord Pleanála reference (Ref: 312642)
3. Comments on the appeal (e.g. “I support this appeal because …. and …. etc etc.”)
4. and to pay a €50 fee
5. all in by the deadline, 3rd of March.
6. Ask for an oral hearing.
An Bord Pleanála
64 Marlborough Street
Dublin 1
D01 V902
Tel: (01) 858 8100
Locall: 1890 275 175
Fax: (01) 872 2684
Orla had to leave before the “Love Moore Street, Love Our Heritage” rally but Mel was there for that. The rally was organised by a small coalition and was chaired by Frank Allen of Arms Around Moore Street fame (2009 and 2012). Unfortunately a number of last-minute cancellations were experienced among speakers and musicians but others stepped up to support.
Diarmuid spoke for our campaign group, Stephen Troy as an independent businessman in the street and Jim Connolly Heron for the Moore Street Preservation Trust. Donna Cooney spoke to encourage people to put in submissions to An Bord Pleanála, then organised the stretching of the green ribbon with red flags attached in front of the 1916 Terrace.
Music and vocals were provided by Paul O’Toole (guitar) and Greg Kenny (accordion); Evelyn Campbell (guitar & vocals); song by Noel O’Grady. Sound engineering was carried out by Sarge.
Bhíomar gnóthach go leor.

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