Save Moore Street Awareness Week 384 – 5 February 2022

Bhí sé fliuch, fuar agus gaofar on the street today but despite the weather we distributed leaflets and collected a fair few signatures. We always remember that street traders have to work in whatever weather comes and so do the sanitation workers in Moore Street.
Our team today consisted of Bróna, Daniel and Diarmuid.
Among the signatories to petition today from Ireland were a Dublin man who took lots of photos to send to a friend or relative living in Scotland; also a woman from Cavan with her child who was shocked at the threat to the street market and the history.
A man also requested one of our posters to put up in his area but we had to refuse as we only have a limited amount for the city centre and our permission from Dublin City Council is for that area only. However, there’s nothing stopping anyone photocopying the poster and putting it up in their area – unfortunately that didn’t occur to us at the time.
Among people from migrant backgrounds that signed were a whole Polish family and an Algerian man.
APPEALING THE PLANNING DECISION: People who made an ‘observation’ to DCC’s Planning Department have a legal right to appeal its decision to grant permission to the property speculator on two of their planning applications (delayed decision on the third). This has to be made to An Bord Pleanála. An appeal costs €220 we think but people can add a submission to an appeal for €50; presumably this would be something along the lines of “I support the appeal of xxxxxx because ………… an I agree with points A, B, D etc”. When we phoned ABP’s listed office number on Friday before 4.30pm (they close at 5.30pm) we received no reply, which leaves only Monday or early Tuesday for guidance as to the procedure for registering the appeal or submission and paying the charge).
THE DEADLINE FOR DELIVERY TO AN BORD PLEANÁLA IS THE 8th FEBRUARY, i.e NEXT TUESDAY. Address to The Secretary, An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 V902, but at this stage you’d need to DELIVER IT IN PERSON to a member of An Bord Pleanála staff at their office during office hours – Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 5.30pm. Please note that the security staff in their office cannot accept appeals.
Their phone nos: (01) 858 8100 or Lo-call 1800 275 175
A coalition of forces for the conservation and revitalisation of Moore Street has organised a rally on the theme above for 2.30pm next Saturday (12th February) in the street itself. Frank Allen, organiser of the first “Arms Around Moore Street” events in 2009 and 2012 will chair the event. Diarmuid Breatnach will be speaking from our campaign and Donna Cooney, long-time campaigner and relative of Volunteer Elizabeth O’Farrell will speak too. The Save Moore Street Trust have been invited to speak also and Stephen Troy and Carolyn Alright will speak respectively as independent business person and stall-holder on the street.
However all in attendance are invited to take part in the winding of a green ribbon around the area as a symbol of protection and the hearts sewn to the ribbon symbolise the love for our heritage.
Music will be provided by Paul O’Toole, Evelyn Campbell, John Cummins and Finn.
Look forward to seeing you there but in the meantime, why not share the event to your contacts on social media

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