Save Moore Street Awareness Week 372 – 13 November 2021

A good-sized foireann today on the cobbles: Bróna, Mary, Daniel and Diarmuid. Bhí sé scamallach (cloudy) ach ní raibh sé fuar (cold).
Today, as well as people from Dublin and different parts of Ireland, we had people with Algerian, Gambian, Indian, Spanish, Catalan, Polish and Italian backgrounds signing the petition. Our Dublin Croatian supporter Igor stopped by for a chat too.
The Catalan was in a mixed photography tour and while Mary talked to one of them, Diarmuid talked to others in the group about some features to photograph in the street, things present and things absent. The Spanish couple weren’t part of the tour but from the Spanish region which exports the rioja wine.
A few people complained to us about meeting on their way to Moore Street an anti-vaccination, anti-masking etc protest in the vicinity of O’Connell St. Many people talked about the running down of the street in terms of contents (few stalls, closed shops), upkeep of buildings and anti-social behaviour.
This is a deliberate running down of the street by the speculator and Dublin City Council, which ties in with the latter’s repeated failure to comply with their promises to signpost the O’Rahilly monument, just off Moore Street and unknown to hundreds of thousands of passers-by.
Planning application notices are posted in the street. As we outlined in last week’s album, the property speculator Hammerson has responded to some criticisms of their plan and DCC’s Planning Department has opened up the period for others to make an observation on those changes.
However according to one of the councillors, those who already paid to make observations earlier this year may comment anew on the changes proposed by Hammerson without charge.
For directions on how to make an observation (register an objection or its opposite), please see the text in last week’s album.
Ní neart go cur le chéile (strength can only come from joint effort). Mar is gnáthach/ as is usual, you can support the campaign by sharing our posts from time to time on social media but also by following or even promoting our website:

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