Save Moore Street Awareness Week 368 – 16 October 2021

“3 … 6 … 8
who do we appreciate …?”

We were late setting up on the cobbles today for our 368th week; Diarmuid got a puncture in his bike tyre on the way but Bróna and Daniel got on with preparing what they could. Nobody is indispensable and it’s good that we can spread the tasks and responsibilities. Then Diarmuid arrived and, a little later, Máire, making up the core team of four for the day.
The Rebel Telly team arrived while we were still setting up but were patient until Diarmuid was free to be interviewed about the campaign and our campaign group (the interview was screened later today and is up on their site; we’ll share it too during the week). Rebel Telly is an Ireland-based left-wing news media.
Ian, a supporter over many years (we still remember the fresh cream-top cake he brought down for us once) turned up for a chat and to offer encouragement so we took his photo – of course we did.
Bhí cuma báistigh ar an aimsir but Angela at her fruit and vegetable stall felt it would hold off and, apart from a few drops, it did. Rain is what the stall holders hate most – apart from anything else, it is what most of all keeps their customers away.
Níl aon scéal fós on the Hammerson planning application but, as can be seen from a number of recent news items, property speculators are running riot throughout the city, with permissions granted from the City Managers and from the “court of appeal”, an Bord Pleanála. Hopefully they will push their luck (and collusion) too far and a revolt will take place against their rampage …
This weekend is the Open House festival with historical, architectural and cultural events but once again, as with History Week and Culture Night, Moore Street has been left off the schedule. Can this neglect be accidental or is it part of the whole effort of pushing the importance of this area aside so as to give the speculator an easier ride? One of the spots today was “Wholesale fruit and vegetable market” at the closed former building in the Liberties while tomorrow there’s “Capel Street and the City Markets” (no open market there) but no tour this weekend of an actual open and functioning market, the oldest open air street market in Dublin: Moore Street!
Today a screw fell off our campaign table and although we were able to borrow a screwdriver from an electronic goods repair shop (Chinese), no-one had a nut to fit so we’ll have to look elsewhere.
But it reminds us that the steps we were using today to help set up the rope to carry the banner and flags was borrowed from a nearby Indian food shop. And some of our gear is stored for us by a local butchers (Irish). And the chair we use every week was loaned by a Brazilian restaurant.
Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine (“The people live in the shelter of one another”).
Beimíd thar n-ais an tseachtain seo chugainn.

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