Save Moore Street Awareness Week 367 – 9 October 2021

The official crew for the campaign group on the cobbles today was composed of Bróna, Orla and Diarmuid and before we were even set up properly people were coming up to us.
Two volunteers turned up to help, Vincent and David and they soon had lots of people coming to the table to sign the petition.
A 91-year-old Dublin woman stopped to chat and sign the petition – she “owns the street”, she was telling us, having been around there most of her life and knowing so many present and past stall-holders. In addition to Dubs and people from different parts of Ireland we had signatures of people from abroad settled or visiting including: Algeria, India, Croatia, Spain …. We got through all our leaflets for the day.
An overcast sky however delivered only a few drops of rain and the day was warm and we heard about a good turnout for a protest demonstration about property speculator plans for the Cobblestone pub (traditional music venue) and the laneway through Merchant’s Arch.
Just as we were beginning to pack up, singer-songwriter Ken Murphy dropped by from his regular Henry Street performance to give us a lively rendition of his adaptation of Pink Floyd’s famous song, i.e “Just Another P…k in the Dáil” (we hope to post that video during the week). You can catch Ken performing on Henry Street (and drop some money in his hat) and he’s on Facebook too. Go raibh maith agat, Ken.
As usual, the caring for the campaign is the sharing of the story. You can be our media, reaching your friends and contacts for the campaign.

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