Save Moore Street Awareness Week 328 (Suspension)

Happy New Year to all our supporters and followers may it be a healthy and safe one. 

The first Saturday of the year was one without the presence of members of the core team. We had planned to gather, but the developments regarding Covid-19 in recent days made us decide to postpone the weekly event until the situation improves. We have not missed many Saturdays on the cobbles since we started in 2014, apart from the first lockdown last year; there was no presence of the team on 4 days due to the fact that they coincided with Christmas or New Year.

No presence on the street means no photos or videos from the day, but our extensive archive has plenty of footage that we can share again. Today’s video was recorded 2 weeks ago when Diarmuid performed “Dublin in the Rare Aul’ Times” by Pete St.John. 

There was a complaint that in comparison with the Mayo song this one was less political and also about a city declining under property developers, hardly the mood to encourage the Dubs on the field the following day!  This was a fair point but on the other hand we have hosted a number of Dublin fighting songs over the months and years. 

“The Rare Aul’ Times” was also sung on Moore Street at our second rally in January 2016 against imminent demolition of three houses in the 1916 Terrace.  The first rally earlier that week had led to the occupation of the buildings, which saved them from demolition.

5 years later the battle to save the Moore Street quarter from demolition still has not ended; let us hope that this New Year will bring some positive news.

Slán go fóill, stay safe.

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