Save Moore Street Awareness Week 325

Photo:  All 5 members of the team posing at the banner

12 December 

It was a cold bright bustling day along the cobbles this Saturday. Shopping for Christmas is getting into full swing. As we gather from different parts. It was a ‘Five go down to Moore Street’ moment, as it was the first time we were gathered together, very briefly and all in our ‘Save Moore Street from Demolition’ masks. Bróna, Mel, Bart, Mary and Diarmuid were all well wrapped up. Bróna went off for her long bus back home.

It was heartening to see Phyllis and Bernie among the few dealers with their stands set up along the street. We all look forward to the day we can get back to a busy street with as it has been as in this old clip for the archives:  Moore Street Christmas Rush

Mel spotted some other memories from December 2014 of the big march of tens of thousands to Merrion Square demanding a right to water and spotted a photo of an old friend and supporter of the Moore Street campaign and many others. Tom Stokes RIP.

As the centenary events of the War of Independence in 1920 are marked we spoke about the ‘Burning of Cork’ today which was an overwhelming disproportionate savage response by the increasingly out of control ‘Auxies’ forces. Images of central Cork city look remarkable like Sackville Street & Henry Street only four years earlier in 1916. More that unites us than that dividing us.

With some Gardaí on the beat, a bit of a stir started. An older smallish man, usually busy around Phibsborough and the North city, who was familiar to all us and always in the middle of a street drama, was giving his full-throated views to the Gardaí. His car seemed to be blocked in on Sampson lane, though he was also illegally parked. A lot of puff and bluster later the Gardaí moved on and he talked on to anyone who’d listen. Life on Moore Street returns!

There was a Lord Mayor’s Moore Street Forum held and another to follow soon. The Market report is waited and with an eye on Hammerson’s move on planning. The Debenhams’ workers still hold their picket and await some meaningful move though meetings are being deferred and the parent company in Britain is failing, not helped by Brexit uncertainties.

There was talk of next Saturday and another big game on the way and someone said that Dublin do not have to win everything of which there was strong disagreement, though not too heated and some ribbing about county teams and games.

We would like to wish the best to all the women from Kilkenny and Galway in the All Ireland Camogie final this evening. It surely will be a thrilling contest.

In tomorrow’s clash of Limerick and Waterford we hope for a strong and skilful battle in Croke Park. We recall men from those counties who ended the 1916 Rising in Moore Street. 

From Waterford: Michael Murphy was from Cappoquinn and came back from London and was with the Kimmage Garrison; Jack Graves was a native Irish speaker from Ring and worked in Maynooth, a member of the Maynooth Company with Tom Byrne.

From Limerick; Garrett McAuliffe from Newcastle West came back from Manchester and was with the Kimmage Garrison, John J Geoghan lived in Dublin was a member of F Company 1st Battalion, Matt Flanagan was from Monagea a member of F Company 2nd Battalion and Eamon Dore of Glin was part of the O’Rahilly charge up Moore Street.

After our short presence, we packed up went our separate shopping ways!

Slán go fóill

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